Nevada county votes against certifying recount results of 2 local primaries

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"CBS Evening News" headlines for July 9, 2024

"CBS Evening News" headlines for Monday, July 9, 2024 00:35

Commissioners successful Washoe County, Nevada's 2nd astir populous county, refused Tuesday to certify the results of section recounts from 2 June primaries, an antithetic determination that whitethorn person implications for the presidential race successful 1 of the nation's battleground states.

The 3 Republican members connected the five-member Washoe County Board of Commissioners voted to cull the results of the recounts successful 1 contention for a committee spot and different for a section schoolhouse committee seat. It's not wide what volition happens next.

There's been nary remark from the region elections department, the territory attorney's bureau oregon the authorities lawyer general. A petition for remark from the caput of authorities was not instantly returned.

The rejection of the recounts and questions astir however to grip it raised concerns astir what mightiness hap successful November should a section committee garbage to certify the statesmanlike predetermination results.

Election certification utilized to beryllium a reasonably dry, ministerial event, but since the 2020 elections, it has turned into a unit point. During the midterm elections 2 years later, a script akin to what's happening successful Washoe County occurred successful New Mexico aft that state's primary, erstwhile a agrarian region delayed certification of the results and relented lone aft the caput of authorities appealed to the state's ultimate court.

The Washoe County ballot was archetypal reported by KRNV-TV.

The certification standoff is the latest predetermination contention to roil the county, which includes Reno and its suburbs and has narrowly voted for the Democrat successful the past 2 statesmanlike contests. Conspiracy theories astir voting machines and distrust of predetermination administrators person led to harassment and precocious turnover successful the section predetermination bureau the past 4 years. They besides were connected show Tuesday during the committee gathering successful downtown Reno.

The nationalist comments were filled by residents who alleged irregularities successful the election, demanded a hand-count of ballots and sometimes spouted mendacious claims of stolen elections and a "cabal" wrong the county.

Against that backdrop, and accelerated predetermination unit turnover, the region elections section has besides made definite administrative mistakes, similar sending message ballots to voters who had opted retired of receiving them and misprinting definite section illustration ballots, though nary that impact tabulation.

Two of the Republican commissioners, Jeanne Herman and Mike Clark, person consistently voted against certifying results and are supported by the wider question wrong the region that promotes predetermination conspiracy theories. Republican Clara Andriola, who that question has targeted successful the primaries, joined them successful voting against certification of the recounts, 1 of which progressive the superior contention she won.

"There's a batch of accusation that has been shared that successful my sentiment warrants further investigation," said Andriola, who had not antecedently voted against certifying results. She referenced respective "hiccups" by the elections section and referenced nationalist commenters who raised concerns.

She said she was appreciative of the region elections section but wanted to instrumentality the certification results to different governing oregon judicial bodies. She acknowledged that it is not instantly wide which peculiar entity that volition be.

The commission's 2 Democratic members voted against rejecting the recount results, which changed conscionable 1 ballot successful each of the 2 races. The committee had antecedently voted to certify the different races from past month's superior 3-2, with Andriola voting successful favor.

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