New study may solve mystery about warm-blooded dinosaurs

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Dinosaur tracks uncovered successful Texas

Dinosaur tracks uncovered successful Texas aft drought dries up river 01:26

Scientists erstwhile thought of dinosaurs arsenic sluggish, cold-blooded creatures. Then probe suggested that immoderate could power their assemblage temperature, but erstwhile and however that displacement came astir remained a mystery.

Now, a caller study estimates that the archetypal warm-blooded dinosaurs whitethorn person roamed the Earth astir 180 cardinal years ago, astir halfway done the creatures' clip connected the planet.

Warm-blooded creatures — including birds, who are descended from dinosaurs, and humans — support their assemblage somesthesia changeless whether the satellite astir them runs acold oregon hot. Cold-blooded animals, including reptiles similar snakes and lizards, beryllium connected extracurricular sources to power their temperature: For example, basking successful the prima to lukewarm up.

Knowing erstwhile dinosaurs evolved their unchangeable interior thermometer could assistance scientists reply different questions astir however they lived, including however progressive and societal they were.

Warm Blooded Dinosaur This illustration depicts a dromaeosaur incubating its eggs arsenic snowfall falls. The raptor, on with different prime dinosaurs, whitethorn person evolved to beryllium warm-blooded 180 cardinal years ago, according to probe published successful the diary Current Biology connected May 15, 2024. Davide Bonadonna/University of Vigo/University College London via AP

To estimation the root of the archetypal warm-blooded dinosaurs, researchers analyzed implicit 1,000 fossils, clime models and dinosaurs' household trees. They recovered that 2 large groups of dinosaurs — which see Tyrannosaurus rex, velociraptors and relatives of triceratops — migrated to chillier areas during the Early Jurassic period, indicating they whitethorn person developed the quality to enactment warm. A 3rd harvest of dinosaurs, which includes brontosaurs, stuck to warmer areas.

"If thing is susceptible of surviving successful the Arctic, oregon precise acold regions, it indispensable person immoderate mode of heating up," said Alfio Allesandro Chiarenza, a survey writer and a postdoctoral chap astatine University College London.

The probe was published Wednesday successful the diary Current Biology.

Jasmina Wiemann, a postdoctoral chap astatine the Field Museum successful Chicago, said a dinosaur's determination is not the lone mode to find whether it is warm-blooded. Research by Wiemann, who was not progressive with the latest study, suggests that warm-blooded dinosaurs whitethorn person evolved person to the opening of their clip connected Earth, astir 250 cardinal years ago.

She said compiling clues from aggregate aspects of dinosaurs' lives — including their assemblage temperatures and diets — whitethorn assistance scientists overgarment a clearer representation of erstwhile they evolved to beryllium warm-blooded.

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