Nicole Kidman and Zac Efron strip down for hot sex scene in new ‘A Family Affair’ trailer

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Move implicit Anne Hathaway, Nicole Kidman is the latest Hollywood prima to person a rom-com featuring an older pistillate and younger man.

Kidman, 56, is starring successful the Netflix comedy A Family Affair other Zac Efron, 36.

The archetypal trailer premiered connected Wednesday, showcasing steamy moments betwixt the stars.

The communicative follows Zara (Joey King, 24), who works arsenic an adjunct to movie prima Chris Cole (Efron). Zara quits her occupation due to the fact that he’s a self-absorbed and hard brag whom she “hates,” arsenic she notes successful the trailer.

But, matters go awkward erstwhile Chris and Zara’s mum, Brooke (Kidman), person an affair.

In the trailer, Zara walks successful to find Chris and her mum successful furniture together. Screaming, Zara tries to screen her eyes and leave, lone to locomotion into the doorframe.

Chris is shown sharing respective different PDA scenes with Brooke, and telling her, “I’ve been waiting for you forever.”

“A Family Affair” marks a caller inclination for relationships featuring older women and younger men, arsenic May December starred Julianne Moore, 63, and Charles Melton, 33, and Prime Video’s The Idea of You featured Anne Hathaway, 41, playing a divorced pistillate falling for a 24-year-old lad set prima (played by Nicholas Galitzine, 29).

It besides marks a reunion for Kidman and Efron, since they besides co-starred successful 2012’s The Paperboy.

“I was inactive a spot apprehensive, but reuniting with Nicole is ever truthful great, and arsenic talented arsenic she [is] arsenic an actress, she is arsenic kind, caring and fantastic to walk clip with,” Efron told People.

Director Richard LaGravenese (P.S. I Love You) told the outlet that the actors’ spark was “an answered supplication — thing you anticipation for but can’t plan.”

“The interplay betwixt Joey and Zac’s characters arsenic an adjunct and prima is truthful overmuch fun,” helium added.

“I besides emotion the mother-daughter reversal wherever the girl becomes the disapproving, judgmental, suspicious parent, and the parent is sneaking astir her backmost having a emotion matter that makes her consciousness similar she’s travel backmost to life.”

A Family Affair premieres connected Netflix June 28.

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