Opioid orphans, Amazon’s not afraid to fail and other commentaries

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Drug watch: Opioid Orphans

“Tens of thousands of ‘grandfamilies’ ” — wherever grandparents rise the kids of addicted, jailed oregon dormant parents — are rising from “West Virginia’s opioid epidemic,” reports The Free Press’ Olivia Reingold.

“In West Virginia, which has the highest complaint of opioid overdose deaths successful the nation, much than fractional of each kids are being raised by their grandparents.”

And “it’s a nationalist problem.”

“Out of the much than 2 cardinal kids being raised by their grandparents successful the US, the bulk are surviving with their household elders owed to a parent’s cause abuse.”

“The situation has present been raging for 3 decades, wreaking havoc crossed aggregate generations” and has “taken much than 800,000 lives nationally since 1999.”

From the right: Amazon’s Not Afraid To Fail

“Amazon isn’t tally by geniuses who ne'er screw up. It is tally by geniuses who do, and who recognize erstwhile thing isn’t working,” argues National Review’s Dominic Pino.

It has “tried its ain market stores” with the thought that “an Amazon Prime subscriber . . . would scan his oregon her telephone connected the mode into the store, drawback groceries, and ‘just locomotion out.”

But “it turns retired the exertion didn’t truly enactment for market stores.”

Amazon besides “tried to vie with carnal bookstores with its Amazon Books subsidiary” and failed; aforesaid “for Amazon’s effort astatine carnal covering stores.”

“Amazon is not invincible,” but “has been capable to succeed” by “taking risks, evaluating the results, and cutting its losses erstwhile the results aren’t good.”

Culture critic: The March of Dimes Syndrome

Many “supposed crises are each examples of the March of Dimes syndrome,” named for the foundation that “helped money the vaccines that yet ended the polio epidemics — but not the organization,” arsenic its “leaders kept their radical going by uncovering a caller cause,” explains City Journal’s John Tierney.

E.g., “Most Americans present enactment same-sex marriage,” truthful “activists person moved the goalposts erstwhile again. It is nary longer capable for blimpish Christians to tolerate same-sex matrimony — present they indispensable beryllium legally required to cook cakes and plan web pages for the weddings.”

Not to notation the request for “access successful simple schoolhouse libraries to how-to manuals for anal sex.”

Greens besides pivoted from informing that “ ‘overpopulation’ would origin billions to starve to death” and “that the ‘energy crisis’ would usher successful a caller ‘age of scarcity’ arsenic humanity ran retired of fossil fuels” to doomsaying astir clime change.

Eye connected Canada: Let’s Just Stick to LGB

“Justin Trudeau whitethorn person missed the memo, but Canadians are moving connected from trans obsession,” snarks Meghan Murphy astatine Spiked arsenic an Ipsos canvass shows “Canadian enactment for ‘LGBTQ2 visibility’ is connected the decline.”

“Gay rights went mainstream decades ago,” but “enthusiasm for trans rights is opening to wane.”

“The occupation is that gay-rights slogans, arguments and demands suffer each meaning erstwhile applied to transgenderism.”

The trans question “has been a destructive force” that “isn’t a combat for information oregon quality rights,” but “a cult that demands thing little than unwavering devotion.”

“Canadians tin spot that the T isn’t marginalized, but alternatively promoted astatine each opportunity, by corporations, politicians, the media and institutions alike.”

And radical “don’t similar nonsensical things being shoved down their throats astatine each turn.”

Libertarian: Federally Funded Dad Jokes

“Did you perceive the 1 astir the world’s top ticker thief? He stole each the time,” kids Reason’s Eric Boehm.

“But adjacent that feline mightiness beryllium impressed by the sticky fingers of the National Responsible Fatherhood Clearinghouse,” a “tiny corner” of the Department of Health and Human Services “that managed to pilfer astir $75 cardinal successful payer wealth past twelvemonth to maintain, among different things, an authoritative authorities repository of ‘dad jokes.’ It’s comic — but not successful a bully way.”

However “well-intentioned” the program, it’s hard to accidental what, if anything, it’s achieved. What a “silly mode to walk taxation dollars” erstwhile we look a nationalist indebtedness of $34.5 trillion, “which is nary laughing matter.”

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