Penn Badgley reveals ‘remarkable’ Blake Lively prank

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Penn Badgley has revealed a “remarkable prank” pulled connected him by Blake Lively — 1 truthful “impressive” that respective people, including his “team of representatives” and his ain mother, were involved.

The You prima shared the communicative astir however helium was led to judge US instrumentalist Steven Tyler was his existent begetter connected an occurrence of his Podcrushed podcast anterior to welcoming chap prankster B.J. Novak onto the show.

“I get an email, ‘Oh, there’s this property point we’re trying to kill, but conscionable truthful you know, idiosyncratic thinks he’s your dad’,” Badgley revealed.

“I don’t retrieve the phrasing, but I conscionable retrieve … [I] didn’t adjacent deliberation astir it for a infinitesimal due to the fact that who would successful their close caput deliberation that that’s true?”

He noted that his publicist followed up a fewer days aboriginal to pass him that the rumour wasn’t “going away,” and helium was told that “Steven believes it.”

At that point, Badgley was “still not remotely reasoning that it’s true,” but past received a telephone from his manager and publicist, who claimed that Tyler was “adamant now.”

“At this point, I of people don’t deliberation it’s true, but I’m conscionable like, however tin Steven Tyler judge this?” helium recalled thinking.

Eventually, his Gossip Girl co-star Lively projected that helium telephone his parent for her intel.

“And my mum is truthful not an actress,” Badgley shared.

“So not a prankster, either. And she’s upset. And I’m like, ‘Mum, wherefore are you upset?’ And past she takes a intermission that is like, you know, the intermission that sold me. And she goes, ‘Why bash you deliberation we moved retired of Maryland?’”

Badgley admitted that “for thing similar 5 to 7 seconds, [he] was speechless and [his] satellite was rearranging.”

“I was like, ‘Are you f**king kidding me? I americium Steven Tyler’s son?’” helium said.

However, helium yet figured retired what time the full ruse was taking place: April Fool’s Day.

Plus, helium said that Lively “couldn’t support a consecutive face.”

While Badgley whitethorn not beryllium 1 of the Sweet Emotion singer’s kin, Tyler is simply a begetter of four: Liv, Mia, Chelsea, and Taj, per People.

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