Robert De Niro clashes with Trump supporters: Letters to the Editor — May 30, 2024

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The Issue: Robert De Niro yelling astatine Trump supporters aft saying erstwhile prez should get jailhouse time.

Robert De Niro’s disconnected tirade directed astatine erstwhile President Trump is reminiscent of President Biden and the mainstream media successful that they each person a frenzied, unsubstantiated content that Trump is simply a menace to American ideology (“Raging Bull­sh*t,” May 29).

They proceed to overgarment this farcical characterization of Trump arsenic opposed to speaking to the existent issues that interaction the mean American connected a regular basis, similar inflation.

The information that they support up this feeble attack is indicative of however futile and ineffective the Biden administration’s policies person been.

The indictment of Trump is evidently a governmental deed occupation and exposes however the criminal-justice strategy has been weaponized to destruct the governmental opponents of the establishment.

Denis David

East Rockaway

I person to admit I truly enjoyed watching Robert De Niro outcry astatine Trump supporters.

I was ne'er a fan, but his histrionics are truthful outrageous.

When De Niro takes it to the adjacent level you can’t assistance watching.

Jean Cole

Juno Beach, Fla.

Leave it to The Post to condemn Robert De Niro for lasting up for his beliefs and America’s democracy.

Everything De Niro said was factual and true.

Donald Trump is the biggest menace to our ideology since the Civil War — and, similar dictators earlier him, helium continues to fool radical with his endless lies.

Not lone does Trump not beryllium successful power, helium should not beryllium surviving escaped successful our beauteous democracy.

He should beryllium locked up for being an force of America (as should respective members of his family, for that matter).

Kreg Ramone


It was surely not an Oscar-winning show by immoderate means.

It was really pathetic to ticker an accomplished histrion stoop to this level by commanding the mic with his bully-infused performance.

Ronald G. Frank

West Orange, NJ

As a registered autarkic who considers Donald Trump an unlettered, inarticulate buffoon, I nevertheless instrumentality contented with Robert De Niro’s vulgar property league extracurricular the Manhattan courthouse wherever POTUS 45 awaits his destiny successful the hush wealth trial.

De Niro’s show of raging incoherence is emblematic of this overrated thespian.

Rosario A. Iaconis


De Niro would alternatively instrumentality to 4 much years of punishing inflation, rampant civilian unrest, a dysfunctional borderline and planetary conflagrations simply due to the fact that of a idiosyncratic animus against Trump.

The clip spent bashing Trump could person been amended utilized this play successful honoring our brave Americans who gave their lives for our freedoms.

Anthony Bruno


Reading astir the latest rants of De Niro successful this insubstantial reaffirms to maine the Dems’ lunacy.

Liberals person deed the panic fastener since voters saw their threats astir Trump successful 2020 ne'er travel to fruition.

I conjecture aft seeing the Trump protagonist property conferences and rallies recently, the DNC wanted to duplicate what Trump supporters person been achieving.

But bringing successful De Niro seems similar the emblematic Democratic playbook of utilizing wide Hollywood entertainers to dispersed messaging.

It’s particularly disappointing from someone, similar De Niro, who has specified a immense and divers instrumentality base.

Greg Raleigh

Washington, DC

Robert De Niro made a fool of himself going connected this tantrum astir Trump.

De Niro represents the Democratic Party, which is lone retired for votes.

It’s astir clip voters unfastened their eyes and recognize Democrats don’t person their interests astatine heart.

Let’s anticipation it’s a cleanable expanse for Republicans successful 2024, truthful we tin get this state backmost to wherever it utilized to be, earlier it’s excessively late.

Bill McCreary


I don’t cognize what gives celebrities the content that they cognize much than the remainder of us.

Joel M. Glazer

Elizabeth, NJ

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