Robert Irwin courts public controversy with latest move

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It’s concern arsenic accustomed connected Robert Irwin’s Instagram account, with the chirpy young TV prima and ‘wildlife warrior’ keeping fans updated with selfies with his favored pug and his snake-rescuing antics.

But successful the comments section, it’s a precise antithetic story.

Fans – and critics – person flocked to Irwin’s Instagram account to conflict it out, successful the aftermath of the quality that he’d threatened to sue One Nation person Pauline Hanson for utilizing his likeness successful the governmental party’s astir caller satirical cartoon.

Irwin claims helium is mocked successful the latest occurrence of One Nation’s ‘Please Explain’ cartoon series, which shows helium and beloved cartoon quality Bluey promoting a fictional caller Queensland tourism campaign. Irwin has demanded the cartoon beryllium removed connected the grounds that it is defamatory.

The occurrence itself shows Irwin and Bluey trying to amusement disconnected the champion Queensland has to offer, but coming up against issues with housing, wellness attraction and younker crime.

It ends with the unreal Irwin lamenting, “I can’t judge this is the authorities of Queensland”.

Over the weekend, NewsWire reported that a cease and desist missive was sent by FC Lawyers, acting connected behalf Irwin’s behalf, to StepMates Studios, the accumulation squad down Pauline Hanson’s Please Explain cartoon series.

If helium thought his petition would beryllium dealt with quietly, Irwin is successful for a daze if helium reads his Instagram comments. His astir caller posts person each attracted hundreds of comments, not astir the cute animals connected show but astir his menace of ineligible enactment against Hanson.

“Lighten up dude the cartoon was comic don’t beryllium a sook,” reads 1 pro-Hanson remark nether a caller post.

“Who takes connected Crocodiles and snakes is offended by a cartoon?” asked different commenter.

“The cartoon accurately displayed galore of the issues america mean radical experience, wherefore adjacent writer them? I don’t adjacent peculiarly similar the pistillate but my feline get a clasp of yourself,” different idiosyncratic wrote.

But galore others were firmly connected Team Irwin, with 1 idiosyncratic penning that they “hope you writer Pauline into oblivion.”

“I wouldn’t privation my sanction associated successful immoderate mode with Pauline Hanson and One Nation. Hang successful determination Robert,” wrote different supporter.

“Sorry you’ve had to endure the absurdity of Hanson’s cretinous cartoons. Congrats connected calling successful the lawyers. Sometimes it’s the lone way,” said another.

Amid this societal media firestorm, Hanson herself has publicly deed back astatine Irwin’s menace of ineligible action, claiming that the cartoon is “political commentary” and the points made are “criticisms of the existent authorities government”.

“Your client’s claims of passing disconnected and defamation are truthful plainly inconsistent arsenic to beryllium nonsensical,” Senator Hanson’s ineligible missive states.

“It is hard to comprehend however a spectator could recognize that the video represents an affiliation with your lawsuit if helium is besides being defamed successful the aforesaid publication.

“One would ideate a steadfast would not question to undermine the estimation of a idiosyncratic with whom they correspond an affiliation.”

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