Rodeo star Spencer Wright's son opens eyes days after river accident

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"CBS Evening News" headlines for May 24, 2024

"CBS Evening News" headlines for Friday, May 24, 2024 00:32

The 3-year-old lad of rodeo prima Spencer Wright was capable to assistance his caput and unfastened his eyes aft an mishap near him unconscious for respective days, according to CBS News affiliate KUTV

Levi Wright was riding a artifact tractor by a creek adjacent their location connected May 21 erstwhile helium veered excessively adjacent to the h2o and was swept away, CBS News antecedently reported. He was swept distant a mile downstream, wherever helium was recovered unconscious. 

The toddler was airlifted to Primary Children's Hospital, wherever helium remains, according to societal media posts from his mother, Kallie Wright. On Friday, she wrote that "LEVI WOKE UP!" aft days unconscious. 

"We don't cognize overmuch but the doc said it was good for maine to get excited astir that and I AM!" she wrote. "My babe is truthful tough!" 

A fewer hours later, Wright clarified that Levi had "opened his eyes for a play of time, wiggled with intent and little similar conscionable a reflex arsenic before" and said the household inactive had a "long and tremendous roadworthy ahead." 

"Spencer and I felt similar helium knew we were determination and could perceive us," Wright wrote. "He's been beauteous sedated since past but has inactive had tiny periods of awakeness. He really woke up during america talking to 1 of the doctors astir his emotion of excavators and tractors!" 

Wright said connected Friday evening that Levi had had an MRI that "wasn't good" and showed results that near her and her hubby "shattered."  

"It is conscionable images that suggest a definite prime of life," she wrote. "Our existent teller of each volition beryllium what Levi does implicit the people of a fewer days. Please proceed to pray! I'm not giving up connected my babe conscionable yet." 

Wright said she continues seeking expertise from neurologists and different professionals and that she and her hubby program to stock less updates successful the coming days. 

Kallie and Spencer Wright person 3 children together, including Levi. Spencer Wright, 33, is ranked No. 40 successful the satellite successful saddle bronc riding. 

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