Russian bombs forcing Kharkiv schoolchildren underground

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People successful the Ukrainian frontline metropolis of Kharkiv are inactive searching for the dead, identifying corpses. On Saturday, Russian forces fired 2 guided bombs astatine a location betterment store, sidesplitting astatine slightest 18 radical and injuring implicit 40 much — 7 are inactive unaccounted for.

A DW newsman was successful Kharkiv past week arsenic air-raid sirens blared for 16 hours straight. It was intolerable to slumber due to the fact that the metropolis was nether changeless rocket and drone attacks. Still, the adjacent morning, nine-year-old Sashko got up, combed his hair, ate his meal and went to school for the archetypal clip successful the 2 years since Russia launched its invasion.

A red-headed pistillate  teacher   successful  beforehand   of a chalkboard speaks to children seated astatine  their desks, 1  of whom turns to grin  astatine  a classmate'We are lasting strong. We person chosen to enactment successful Kharkiv. It's our home,' says teacher Natalya Schwez says Image: Hanna Sokolova-Stekh/DW

An underground schoolhouse for 900 children

"A existent schoolhouse bell," says teacher Natalya Schwez arsenic she turns to a country afloat of third-graders astatine their desks. "Welcome to the underground school."

There are 11 children successful the classroom, each of them wearing accepted embroidered blouses and shirts. Another 9 are attending remotely from abroad. Schwez is nary little excited astir being successful the schoolroom than the children. The past clip she saw pupils successful idiosyncratic was connected February 23, 2022. "The adjacent day, we heard explosions," she says arsenic she recalls the commencement of the invasion. "Some fled, others thought the schoolhouse would beryllium open, but everyone was wondering however it would beryllium imaginable to proceed holding classes."

From past on, determination were lone online classes. Since that time, Russia has destroyed much than fractional the schools successful Kharkiv. That is wherefore metropolis authorities past twelvemonth decided to usage Kharkiv's subway stations to acceptable up underground classrooms for much than 2,000 pupils.

On May 13, an full schoolhouse was opened — six meters (20 feet) underground — offering 900 pupils the accidental to survey successful 2 shifts a day. City officials program to unfastened much specified schools successful different districts astir Kharkiv arsenic soon arsenic possible.

Ukraine sets up wartime schools successful Kharkiv subway

Children increasing up successful a warfare zone

"My parent experienced warfare arsenic a child. I ne'er thought my girl oregon immoderate of these kids would acquisition it. They perceive the explosions again and again," says Schwez. Her girl graduated aft the warfare started, but determination was nary accepted graduation ball, nary dancing, nary gown.

The time successful the caller underground schoolroom begins with the Ukrainian nationalist anthem. Lessons are often interrupted by air-raid sirens, and energy is regularly chopped disconnected successful assorted parts of the city. Still, the children stay astatine their desks. They person everything they request for class.

Sashko had lone participated successful online schooling until today. "That wasn't precise nice. My eyes got sore, and the powerfulness was often chopped off," says the boy. When explosions interrupted lessons helium ran retired into the hallway to support himself. "But I got utilized to it," helium declares, meaning that helium got utilized to the changeless Russian bombardments.

Sashko says helium missed school, but helium besides knew that it was simply excessively unsafe to beryllium successful a mean schoolroom due to the fact that bombs could ever autumn nearby. "It's little bittersweet and tragic erstwhile buildings get destroyed than erstwhile radical die," says the third-grader.

'I don't privation to permission without Papa'

Russia has been conducting a massive violative successful the Kharkiv region since early May. Its troops person progressively shelled Kharkiv and look intent connected moving into the city. Residents cognize what that means — that their houses could erstwhile again travel nether occurrence as they did astatine the commencement of the Russian invasion. Though determination is nary consciousness of panic, many successful the metropolis are nevertheless reasoning astir leaving.

Sashko's family could leave, too. "But I don't privation to permission without Papa," says the small boy, with a bittersweet voice, vowing to enactment contempt the bombardment. "I've lived present for 9 years," says Sashko, who was calved present successful Kharkiv. He says helium has visited different cities, but helium didn't similar them. "I conscionable ever missed my room," helium emphasizes.

Serhiy Antonov, who walks his lad Sashko to the underground school, waits astatine the doorway for a fewer minutes. "This truly brings our kids joy," helium says with a grin arsenic helium takes a representation of his lad astatine his desk.

Yegor, a classmate, was brought to schoolhouse by his mother. Both his begetter and his older member are successful the Ukrainian army, warring connected the front. "I was precise sad," helium says arsenic helium recalls the time that they some went to war. "I privation the warfare to beryllium over," helium says arsenic helium runs disconnected to articulation his classmates for recess. With them, helium tin hide his sadness for a while.

A young Ukrainian schoolgirl with agelong  acheronian  hairsbreadth  writes successful  her workbook during people  successful  an underground schoolhouse  successful  Kharkiv  Russia has destroyed much than fractional of Kharkiv's schools and killed galore children successful the metropolis since it invaded 2 years agoImage: Hanna Sokolova-Stekh/DW

'Kharkiv is the toughest city'

Lessons successful the underground schoolhouse extremity successful the aboriginal afternoon, and abruptly different Russian rocket hits the city. This 1 blasts an flat block, sidesplitting 3 and injuring much than 30. "It conscionable ne'er ends," says Schwez, referring to the Russian attacks. "It's a root of changeless accent for us. But we are lasting strong. We person chosen to enactment successful Kharkiv. It's our home."

A monolithic file of achromatic fume rises supra Kharkiv's metropolis center. People look up astatine it but past caput backmost retired onto the streets. The odor of acacia blossoms and flowers cautiously planted successful nationalist beds fills the air. The blown-out windows and roofs of houses successful the metropolis are boarded up with plywood. "The metropolis is being bombed and rebuilt astatine the aforesaid time. Kharkiv is the toughest city," says Sashko erstwhile asked wherefore helium doesn't privation to leave.  

"Ukraine had 48 cardinal residents, but 3 to 5 cardinal person left," says the boy, again with sadness successful his voice. Hundreds of civilians person fallen unfortunate to the non-stop attacks connected Kharkiv. "Russia killed them," is written connected a memorial chromatic dedicated to children killed successful the war. It is surrounded by stuffed animals and fresh-cut flowers.

Just a mates of days later, the Russians attacked Kharkiv yet again — this clip with 10 rockets. Seven radical are killed successful the attack, among them, workers astatine a store printing children's books.

Kharkiv opens underground schoolhouse to flight Russian bombs

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