Seller of fake N95 face masks to refund $1.1 million to customers

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A institution alleged to person fraudulently sold a look disguise arsenic N95-grade indispensable refund much than $1.1 cardinal to customers nationwide, the Federal Trade Commission announced Monday. 

Razer and its affiliates advertised the Zephyr disguise arsenic N95-grade contempt ne'er submitting it for investigating oregon certification by the Food and Drug Administration oregon National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, the bureau said. In ads and posts connected societal media, the Zephyr masks were touted arsenic the equivalent of an N95 that would support users from COVID, the FTC stated successful a complaint

"These businesses falsely claimed, successful the midst of a planetary pandemic, that their look disguise was the equivalent of an N95 certified respirator," Samuel Levine, manager of the FTC's Bureau of Consumer Protection, said successful a statement. "The FTC volition proceed to clasp accountable businesses that usage mendacious and unsubstantiated claims to people consumers who are making decisions astir their wellness and safety."

zephyr-mask.jpg Advertisement featuring Razer's Zephyr mask. Federal Trade Commission

Starting successful October of 2021, the Zephyr disguise and 3 sets of filters sold for $99.99; the Razer Zephyr Starter Pack containing a disguise and 33 sets of filters sold for $149.99; and a Razer Zephyr Filter Pack containing 10 sets of filters sold for $29.99.

A typical for Razer couldn't instantly beryllium recovered for comment. 

Razer and its related businesses are besides barred from making COVID-related misrepresentations oregon unsubstantiated claims astir protective equipment, the FTC said. In summation to covering afloat refunds to customers misled astir the merchandise they were buying, the sellers volition wage a civilian punishment of $100,000.

Kate Gibson

Kate Gibson is simply a newsman for CBS MoneyWatch successful New York.

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