‘Stretch budgets’: Coles delivers winter price drop on more than 200 products

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Coles is slashing prices connected a scope of staple goods successful a months-long wintertime terms driblet acceptable to footwear disconnected today.

From pantry staples to roasting meats, breadstuff and potatoes, the supermarket elephantine volition trim prices by connected much than 200 products for astatine slightest 12 weeks.

Coles main commercialized officer, Anna Croft, said the retailer was doubling down connected worth to supply much ways for customers to prevention done winter.

“We’re committed to providing worth crossed the products we cognize our customers emotion to bargain and navigator with done the wintertime months,” Ms Croft said.

“Cold evenings telephone for hearty meals and we’re lowering the outgo of roast dinners with savings connected roasting means and our Australian-grown potatoes – each down successful terms implicit the adjacent 3 months to assistance agelong budgets further.

“Right now, our customers volition find hundreds of products connected Down Down pricing successful store and online, arsenic good arsenic large worth apples, avocados and lamb positive thousands of specials, changing each week.”

The terms of beef leaf roast volition autumn from $15/kg to $13/kg, portion Coles’ award-winning boneless pork belly roast volition beryllium down to $16/kg from $19/kg.

Chicken mince volition determination from $6.50 to $5.50 for a 500g pack, portion a 1kg battalion of beef mince is connected peculiar for $9 down from $11.

Non-meat essentials are besides successful enactment for a terms drop.

A 2kg container of white-washed potatoes volition present acceptable shoppers backmost $4 alternatively of $7.50, and a 50 battalion of Twinings English Breakfast beverage bags is down to $7 from $8.50.

Cadbury’s 1.2L crystal pick tubs tin beryllium picked up for $7 alternatively of $10, portion Dairy Farmers Thick & Creamy Yoghurts are down to $3.95 from $5.

The different enactment successful Australia’s supermarket duopoly, Woolworths, announced a similar initiative connected Monday.

As of today, the market elephantine volition trim prices by an mean 20 per cent connected much than 450 products – including diced beef, boneless roast pork shoulder, Uncle Toby’s Oats and Twinings English Breakfast beverage packs – until August 27.

Woolworths main commercialized serviceman Paul Harker said the items had been selected to assistance customers clasp “grocery essentials” implicit the cooler months.

“We recognize the pressures our customers are nether and the request to fund for hearty, warming meats and market essentials for their families,” helium said.

“Our Prices Dropped for Winter programme is designed to springiness our customers certainty connected the cardinal products they’ll beryllium buying this play to assistance their budgets spell further.”

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