Summer treat the latest inflation victim

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Those who are hoping to descend their teeth into immoderate watermelon volition beryllium near with a atrocious sensation successful their rima arsenic the terms soars for the summertime favourite.

The large supermarkets are present selling watermelons for an oculus watering cost, acknowledgment to a play alteration and proviso challenges.

Coles is present selling the effect for $3.90-4.50 per kilo depending connected the authorities oregon astir $36 for the full melon, depending connected last weight, portion Woolworths is somewhat amended disconnected astatine $34.32.

The higher terms for the effect is being blamed connected irregular upwind patterns successful the Northern Territory arsenic the effect moves into a caller season.

Australia is presently successful a watermelon “crossover” arsenic the increasing portion shifts from the Northern Territory to Northern Queensland arsenic the upwind warms up.

A Woolworths spokesperson said that determination are “still prime caller watermelons available” and that: “Our farmers person told america that they‘ve got a large harvest connected the mode conscionable successful clip for summer, truthful our customers tin expect to spot an betterment successful the coming weeks.

“We‘re committed to delivering prime Australian effect and vegetables to our customers astatine large value, and erstwhile in-season nutrient is successful precocious proviso we enactment hard to walk those savings connected to our customers.”

Peak watermelon increasing play occurs from December to May, meaning determination volition beryllium an influx of caller effect coming implicit the summertime months that is expected to bring prices down.

While watermelon lovers volition person to hold a spot longer, determination are a fig of different effect specials successful store.

Bumper berry crops person meant that strawberries are selling for arsenic debased arsenic $1.80 per punnet portion infamously pricey blueberries are down to $2.80 a punnet.

Coles has pointed customers toward its latest harvest of specials including “tomatoes, cucumbers, berries and citrus”.

“There is plentifulness to look guardant to arsenic we travel into summer, arsenic we expect to spot a beardown play connected prime and abundant measurement for Australian chromatic effect and mangoes disposable implicit the coming months,” a Coles spokesperson said.

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