The left and their scare tactics aren’t fooling the Supreme Court

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For each the squawking from Democrats that Donald Trump is simply a “threat to democracy,” their relentless attacks connected the Supreme Court are the gravest menace to the republic. 

This week’s people is Justice Samuel Alito, whose transgression is having a woman who is “fond of flying flags,” arsenic helium enactment it successful a droll missive Wednesday to Biden allies successful the Senate who are demanding helium recuse himself from 2 Trump special-counsel cases. 

As Joe Biden languishes successful the polls, and the New York hush-money proceedings has done thing to dent Trump’s electoral appeal, Dems are trying ever much dastardly ploys to sabotage the Republican’s campaign. 

Manufacturing a ungraded retired of flags flown by Alito’s wife, Martha-Ann, extracurricular their location is their pathetic effort to unit the Supreme Court to present a favorable result successful the lawfare cases they are counting connected to springiness Biden an unfair vantage successful November. 

They are hopeless to tilt the tribunal successful their favour by cutting down Alito and chap formidable blimpish Justice Clarence Thomas, whose woman is besides being utilized to harm him. 

Harassment campaign 

The New York Times was much than blessed to oblige by sending a newsman to muckrake astir Alito’s neighbors successful suburban Virginia and dredge up grounds of his wife’s flag-raising villainy. 

Turns retired the Alitos person immoderate precise unpleasant neighbors.

The 35-year-old BLM activistic girl of a retired PBS enforcement who lives down the roadworthy decided to determination into her mother’s location with her fellow and their “pandemic puppy” successful 2020 and past proceeded to torment the Alitos.

Her run of harassment included picketing their location with signs saying, “Abort SCOTUS,” “Fascist Alito” and “Alito was @ Jan 6,” plastering her mother’s beforehand gait (near a school) with governmental signs similar “F–K Trump,” “Trump Is a Fascist” and “You Are Complicit.” One time the daughter, oregon her boyfriend, called Mrs. Alito a “c–t.” 

Martha-Ann Alito was understandably distressed astir the harassment campaign.

So what dastardly deed did she perpetrate successful response?

She hoisted an upside-down emblem extracurricular their home, a accepted awesome of distress that Biden allies present assertion is thing but a awesome of the “Stop the Steal” campaign. 

The intrepid New York Times besides delivered the unthinkable scoop that Mrs. Alito hoisted the perfectly uncontroversial “Appeal to Heaven” emblem extracurricular their abrogation location successful New Jersey. 

The humanities conifer histrion emblem primitively was flown from George Washington’s ships during the Revolutionary War, but the Times and its Democrat handlers person recast it arsenic a unsafe “insurrectionist symbol,” having recovered that it was sighted successful the assemblage extracurricular the Capitol connected Jan. 6. 

The Internet has been hastily rewritten to represent the emblem arsenic malign, and wide venues specified arsenic the San Francisco City Hall, which had happily flown the emblem successful its Civic Center Plaza since 1964, softly removed it implicit the weekend, each the amended to tar the Alitos with the insurrectionist brush. 

It’s precisely this benignant of frenzied propaganda that resulted successful an assassination effort connected Justice Brett Kavanagh aft the Dobbs determination was leaked and nonstop amerciable picketing extracurricular the homes of the blimpish justices. 

Democrats person nary compunctions astir flirting with assassination incitement erstwhile it comes to Trump. The latest culprit is pulp-fiction writer John Grisham, who appeared connected ABC’s ‘The View” this week to fantasize astir sidesplitting judges. 

“I wrote a large publication called ‘The Pelican Brief’ successful which 2 Supreme Court justices were assassinated,” helium said, “and I thought astir doing it again.” 

‘Don’t get upset’ 

Joy Behar realized his glee mightiness get them into trouble. 

“No, no, no,” she said arsenic the assemblage laughed along. 

“Writing portion two,” interjected Whoopi Goldberg.

“He’s talking astir penning portion two.” 

“It’s each fiction,” said Grisham, disingenuously.

“Don’t get upset.” 

Then helium opined that “the tribunal has ne'er looked arsenic atrocious successful my lifetime, immoderate of the rulings, the ethical challenges.” 

What are the morals of going connected nationalist tv and joking astir assassinating Supreme Court justices? 

In his missive to Senate Democrats Dick Durbin and Sheldon Whitehouse, Justice Alito said helium was not obliged to recuse himself and explained helium had thing to bash with the flying of the upside-down flag.

When helium asked his woman to instrumentality it down, she refused.

“She makes her ain decisions, and I person ever respected her close to bash truthful . . . 

“My wife’s reasons for flying the [upside-down] emblem are not applicable [but] she was greatly distressed astatine the clip due, successful ample part, to a precise nasty vicinity quality successful which I had nary involvement.” 

He said neither helium nor his woman was alert of immoderate transportation betwixt the Appeal to Heaven emblem and the Stop the Steal movement, but helium points retired that “the usage of an aged historical emblem by a caller radical does not needfully drain that emblem of each different meanings.” 

In opposition to Alito’s concise wit, the House Democrats’ unscrupulous deed antheral Jamie Raskin wrote a pompous op-ed maligning Alito and Thomas for The New York Times Wednesday, whining that “the highest tribunal successful the onshore has the lowest ethical standards.” 

Raskin wants Attorney General Merrick Garland to spark a law situation by inserting himself into the Democrats’ recusal campaign.

He besides thinks it’s a large thought to get the Biden-nominated US lawyer for the District of Columbia, Matthew Graves, to “petition the different 7 justices to necessitate Justices Alito and Thomas to recuse themselves.” 

Graves is simply a registered Democrat, a Democratic donor who worked for the Biden 2020 statesmanlike run arsenic a unpaid and was handpicked by Biden to pb his favored project, the cavalcade of prosecutions against Trump supporters charged implicit Jan. 6.

One of his archetypal acts connected coming to bureau was to garbage his Delaware counterpart David Weiss’ petition to complaint Hunter Biden connected tax-fraud offenses successful his district. 

So overmuch for Raskin’s ethical standards. 

‘Ethics’ czar 

CNN ineligible expert Norm Eisen, different fertile partisan harbored by the wide Brookings Institution, is portion of the Alito onslaught machine, penning endless articles demanding his recusal and lambasting the tribunal arsenic “ethically conflicted.” 

All you request to cognize astir Eisen’s ain ethical standards is that helium was the Obama White House “ethics” czar, who said not a connection erstwhile Hunter Biden joined the Burisma committee successful Ukraine for $1 cardinal a year.

He said not a connection erstwhile Hunter brought his concern spouse into the White House to get photos with his VP dada for a promotion connected Burisma’s website.

Not a peep from Mr. Ethics erstwhile Joe took Hunter to China connected Air Force 2 successful 2013 and met with his Beijing concern partner. 

In a must-read nonfiction by ­ titled: Meet Norm Eisen: Legal Hatchet Man and Central Operative successful the ‘Color Revolution’ Against President Trump, Ethical Eisen is fingered arsenic an designer of “nearly each effort to delegitimize, impeach, censor, writer and remove” Trump. 

He’s inactive astatine it, with the undermining of the Supreme Court a cardinal limb successful destroying Trump’s candidacy. 

These are the self-proclaimed guardians of democracy. It’s harmless to accidental that if you perceive a leftist bleating astir democracy, you cognize they are up to nary good.

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