The Obama/Biden arm-grab wasn’t just a senior moment — it was the moment everyone realized the president’s not fit for office

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They were lone 10 words but wow, did they spark a reaction.

I watched the viral clip of Barack Obama taking a frozen Joe Biden by the arm and starring him disconnected signifier astatine their star-studded $30 cardinal LA fundraiser, and posted connected X what I fishy everyone who watched it was thinking: “So embarrassing. The Democrats can’t fto this spell on, surely?”

Within a fewer hours, a staggering 7.5 cardinal radical had viewed my station and galore thousands of those had liked, reposted oregon commented connected it.

As I thought, the immense bulk shared my honestly held sentiment that President Biden is nary longer acceptable for the highest bureau successful America.

President Obama steers Biden offstage during the fundraiser.President Obama steers Biden offstage during the fundraiser. X/CollinRugg

I don’t mean that he’s excessively incompetent for the job, though galore would accidental helium is.

No, I mean that he’s excessively physically and mentally unfit to relation astatine the highly precocious level required to beryllium person of not conscionable the United States, but besides the escaped world.

When the past Democrat to inhabit the White House has to virtually drawback the existent 1 due to the fact that helium notices he’s had yet different “senior moment” and appears to beryllium paralyzed similar a statue connected stage, it has to beryllium the wake-up telephone everyone successful the enactment indispensable urgently heed earlier it’s excessively late, doesn’t it?

We’re lone 5 months distant from the 2024 wide election, but what is present painfully evident is that Joe Biden’s already cooked arsenic a candidate.

There is not a snowball’s accidental successful hellhole that helium tin perchance get done different four-year word of presidency — and everyone knows it.

This is simply a erstwhile precise eloquent, fast-talking, firebrand legislator (Yes, really. See his blistering 1986 speech from a Senate committee proceeding successful which helium rails magnificently against apartheid South Africa, to spot what I mean) who tin present hardly talk without talking gibberish, nor locomotion quicker than a snail connected Mogadon, and who keeps falling over oregon forgetting what he’s expected to beryllium doing oregon saying.

It’s agelong gone beyond the signifier of being caller to watch.

Biden is expected to beryllium America’s commander-in-chief but, astatine what is simply a precise unsafe clip for the world, I wouldn’t spot him present to bid a edifice repast fto unsocial a subject strike.

So wherefore is helium inactive running?

Why has cipher told him to basal speech for the bully of the enactment and country, arsenic incumbent Democrat presidents Lyndon Johnson did successful 1968 and Harry Truman did successful 1953?

If they have, past wherefore hasn’t helium listened to them?

We’re told helium inactive believes he’s the lone idiosyncratic who tin bushed Donald Trump due to the fact that helium bushed him past time.

But arsenic I fishy the satellite volition spot erstwhile they person their archetypal unrecorded TV statement connected June 27, the arguable and present criminally convicted Republican campaigner volition devour Biden live connected signifier and determination volition beryllium nary Obama determination to rescue him.

Just arsenic bafflingly, wherefore bash truthful galore high-profile Democrats persist successful trying to person america that Biden’s inactive got each his marbles intact?

After I posted my remark astir the jaw-droppingly embarrassing Biden/Obama arm-grab, 2 of America’s astir celebrated billionaires responded to what I said.

The first was hedge money manager Bill Ackman, who has been a vocal Democrat protagonist and large donor but has said he’s present apt to ballot for Trump.

He posted to me: “I person been criticized by immoderate for sharing these @POTUS Biden videos which look astir each day. I person work galore articles which someway suggest that the camera angle, the duration of the clip oregon immoderate signifier of close helping manipulation explains Biden’s behaviour connected camera. Some radical are aged astatine 81 and others are sharp, vigorous, and impressive. Compare Warren Buffett astatine 93 and Biden astatine 81. Biden is an aged 81 who can’t find his mode disconnected a signifier oregon enactment contiguous and focused astatine a G7 conference. Is that who should beryllium the person of the escaped satellite for the adjacent 5 years? A president should not person to beryllium led disconnected signifier by manus oregon with an limb wrapped astir him. That is the not the representation of spot and enactment we request arsenic a country. Look astatine what is going connected successful the world. The cognition of anemic enactment successful the United States has led to planetary chaos. The world of anemic enactment is simply a semipermanent superior and continued menace to our country. The Democratic Party is destroying itself by advancing Biden for a 2nd term. This is the Emperor’s New Clothes successful existent life. But it is not a children’s publication oregon a joke. The satellite is astatine large risk, and a Biden 2nd word is simply a sedate menace to planetary information and prosperity.”

I couldn’t hold more.

But different billionaire, entrepreneur Dallas Mavericks co-owner and “Shark Tank” world TV prima Mark Cuban, doesn’t.

He hit back: “You guys both, @piersmorgan, @BillAckman, are truthful consumed with pandering to your twitter followers, you person mislaid each objectivity. I’ll fto you some successful connected a secret. BOTH CANDIDATES ARE OLD. VERY OLD. They some are going to person elder moments, mis-remember, hide things and person carnal frailties. I’ll archer you a not truthful concealed secret: One is large astatine soundbites, but besides thinks successful soundbites. The different is atrocious astatine soundbites, but thinks successful implicit sentences. Voters volition determine which we prefer.”

You guys both, @piersmorgan, @BillAckman, are truthful consumed with pandering to your twitter followers, you person mislaid each objectivity.

I’ll fto you some successful connected a secret.


They some are going to person elder moments, mis-remember, forget…

— Mark Cuban (@mcuban) June 17, 2024

The instant barrage of replies to Cuban’s connection said it all.

Virtually cipher agreed with him.

Many openly mocked him, which is hardly astonishing fixed that adjacent two-thirds of Democrats deliberation Biden’s excessively aged to beryllium moving again.

And overmuch arsenic I respect Cuban, helium and I some cognize helium wouldn’t employment Sleepy Joe to tally a bath for him, fto unsocial a business.

Perhaps the astir absurd absorption of each came from White House elder lawman property caput Andrew Bates, who was truthful enraged by a New York Post study that accurately recounted what happened with Biden and Obama connected signifier that helium ranted connected X: “Fresh disconnected being information checked by astatine slightest 6 mainstream outlets for lying astir @POTUS with inexpensive fakes, Rupert Murdoch’s bittersweet small ace pac, the New York Post, is backmost to disrespecting it’s readers & itself erstwhile again. Their ethical standards could woody with a small unfreezing.”

I person 2 invitations to Mr. Bates, by mode of response.

First, arsenic I person unsuccessfully requested galore times, I would similar to interrogation President Biden, conscionable arsenic I antecedently interviewed galore US presidents — including his Democrat predecessors Clinton and Carter.

Second, the New York Post’s editorial committee would emotion to springiness the President the accidental to enactment each speculation to furniture astir his age-related issues, with an in-person meeting.

If some these invitations are declined — arsenic they are to astir the entirety of the media — then arsenic Mark Cuban said, voters tin gully their ain conclusions and enactment accordingly.

Just arsenic I judge they volition connected Nov. 5 when, if Joe Biden is inactive the Democrat candidate, Donald Trump volition beryllium re-elected.

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