Top music manager Scooter Braun makes huge announcement

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Scooter Braun announced helium is retiring from euphony absorption astir a twelvemonth aft parting ways with immoderate of his biggest clients, including Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande.

“After 23 years this section arsenic a euphony manager has travel to an end,” helium wrote successful a lengthy Instagram statement aft posting respective throwback photos capturing highlights from his career.

Braun, 42, explained that his status arsenic a manager has been a agelong clip coming.

“It’s a unusual feeling due to the fact that I deliberation I person wanted this for a while, but I was genuinely acrophobic to reply the question ‘who would I beryllium without them?’” helium shared.

Braun, who started managing artists erstwhile helium was conscionable 19 years old, said that helium spent his full big beingness being disposable for his clients 24/7.

“And for 20 years I emotion it. It’s each I had known,” helium wrote.

But Braun said that arsenic his 3 children — whom helium shares with his ex-wife, Yael Cohen — grew older and his idiosyncratic beingness “took immoderate hits,” helium understood that helium needed to marque much clip for his family.

“I came to the realisation that my kids were 3 superstars I wasn’t consenting to lose,” helium wrote. “The sacrifices I was erstwhile consenting to marque I could nary longer justify. It was clip to measurement into a caller role.”

Braun is moving distant from euphony absorption to absorption connected his relation arsenic CEO and committee subordinate of Hybe America, an amusement institution that continues to enactment with Grande and Bieber. A rep for Bieber confirmed to People connected Monday that Braun is nary longer progressive with the “Sorry” singer’s existent concern of absorption and won’t beryllium successful the future.

Meanwhile, Braun is besides turning his efforts to investing successful entrepreneurs and serving arsenic a nationalist committee subordinate of Make-a-Wish.

“My superb spouse these past 3 years, Chairman Bang [Si-Hyuk], has a imaginativeness I genuinely judge in. But adjacent beyond that helium has go a existent person who understands wherever I indispensable beryllium successful my beingness these days,” Braun wrote.

“And that is simply a begetter first, a CEO second, and a manager nary more.”

Braun said helium had been “heading towards this destination” implicit the past 2 years, but it wasn’t until his biggest lawsuit parted ways with him past twelvemonth that helium decided to marque a change.

While helium did not sanction the client, reports surfaced successful August 2023 that Bieber and Grande, some 30, had dropped him arsenic their manager.

“God has been pushing maine successful this absorption for immoderate time,” Braun wrote. “I person thing but emotion for those I person worked with implicit the years, and arsenic we make a antithetic enactment relationship, I volition ever beryllium successful their country to consult and enactment them whether it beryllium straight oregon from afar.”

He past reminisced astir the myriad of stars helium has worked with, including Andrew Wyatt, Lil Dicky, J Balvin, Demi Lovato, Zac Brown Band, Martin Garrix, David Guetta, Carly Rae Jepsen, Quavo, Kanye West and more.

“But it was this past Christmas Day erstwhile Ariana and Justin became the biggest antheral and pistillate successful the past of the Spotify Billions nine that I conscionable smiled and thought ‘what a ride,’” helium shared.

“To spot them some travel up to beryllium the legends they are contiguous volition everlastingly beryllium 1 of my top honours,” Braun added.

“I ne'er saw however this section would end, hell, I ne'er adjacent saw it happening. But it did. And I volition cherish each infinitesimal of it. I made my program … but it turns retired I similar God’s program better. Cheers!”

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