Tragic update from The Family ‘cult’ survivor

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An Australian has shared a heartbreaking plea aft revealing they were “one of the past Anne Hamilton-Byrne kid survivors” — a notation to the notorious doomsday cult that operated extracurricular Melbourne betwixt 1963 and 1989.

The subsister posted anonymously successful a Facebook radical from the country wherever The Family cult operated successful the Dandenong Ranges, southeast of Melbourne, earlier this week.

They revealed that their beingness had been hard and that they were sleeping unsmooth successful their car — a conveyance that radical had been attempting to interruption into astatine nighttime — and that they were “forced to work” 40 hours a week successful different locations for the privilege of parking their car connected somebody’s property.

“I’m present successful a shaded determination connected friends spot that gets nary prima and small to nary wind,” the idiosyncratic revealed successful their online post.

“I’m freezing astatine nighttime and the full contents of my conveyance is being destroyed by condensation and resulting mould and my wellness affected, arsenic I cannot aerial retired during the time successful my existent location.”

The subsister said they yet felt comfy reaching retired for assistance successful a nationalist mounting aft Hamilton-Byrne died astatine the property of 98 successful 2019 aft a agelong conflict with dementia.

The Family ran betwixt the 1960s and 1980s, led by Hamilton-Byrne, who claimed she was the pistillate reincarnation of Jesus Christ who was sent to cod kids and rise them arsenic her ain to support them from the apocalypse.

Members were brainwashed into handing implicit their children to The Family — portion immoderate adjacent stole babies — to beryllium portion of a “master race”.

A full of 28 children were allegedly taken and raised identically, with the present adults reporting being drugged, beaten, starved and forced to dye their hairsbreadth platinum blonde.

At the clip of Hamilton-Byrne’s decease a people enactment was being held by victims of the cult who were suing the cult’s matriarch for the 19 years of maltreatment that they suffered astatine her hands. Her decease resulted successful that being delayed.

The anonymous poster said they had a enactment web connected the upland but didn’t privation to exhaust this by surviving connected their properties. They revealed they had moved from a much sunny determination to 1 wherever they were present “literally swimming successful condensation and mould”.

“I person exhausted each avenues of hunt having precocious moved to this determination to find retired the hard mode it perfectly is not suitable for conveyance surviving owed to nary prima nor wind,” the idiosyncratic said.

“I often parkland elsewhere for sunlight/breeze however, I regularly person radical attempting to interruption into my conveyance portion I’m wrong it astatine nighttime oregon get harassed by others, oregon precise disturbed by sound and cannot permission the conveyance unfastened during the time to aerial retired – evidently not ideal.

“I americium highly resourceful, polite and outgoing for the little moments I indispensable interact with the public. Otherwise I perfectly request to beryllium alone.”

They said they had been taken vantage of successful the past owed to their anxieties and upbringing.

“Please bash not urge the modular way of assistance for stateless persons. If you’re stateless you’ll recognize why,” the idiosyncratic said.

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