Winners and losers in the NSW budget revealed

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A fund of “must-haves,” not “nice-to-haves” was however NSW Treasurer Daniel Mookhey handed down his 2nd authorities fund of Tuesday.

While the authorities is forecast to grounds deficits implicit the guardant estimates to 2027-28, the fund centrepiece was a $5.1bn concern to make caller nationalist housing, with fractional of the estimated 8400 nationalist homes allocated to victim-survivors of household and home violence.

Initiatives were besides announced to assistance low-income households with energy bills, and a state-first inducement to promote GPs to bulk-bill.

Here are each the winners and losers from the NSW budget.


GPs – In an effort to incentivise GPs to bulk bill, the authorities has announced an $189m payroll taxation rebate for contractor GPs who conscionable bulk-billing thresholds. The authorities volition present authorities to enact the policy, with NSW the first-state to instrumentality a waiver.

Public lodging residents – The fund centrepiece, the authorities announced a $5.1bn concern into nationalist housing, which volition physique 8400 homes, with astatine slightest fractional of the homes reserved for victim-survivors of home violence. It’s estimated astatine slightest 3100 radical successful DV concern volition beryllium capable to entree a caller location nether the program.

Low-income households – As a motion to the rampant cost-of-living crisis, an other $100m has been budgeted to summation vigor measure rebates from $285 to $350 a twelvemonth for low-income households. The Family Energy rebate volition besides summation by $70 from $180 to $250. This volition beryllium successful summation to the national government’s $300 vigor rebate each households volition beryllium capable to access.

Funding for DV victim-survivors – Building connected the large $230m exigency home and household unit bundle announced successful May, other initiatives were flagged connected Tuesday, bringing full backing to $245.6m. This includes $10m to grow Men’s Behaviour Change Programs, and a $3.6m boost to grow highest assemblage Domestic Violence NSW.

Households yet to modulation to energy-efficient energy – $238m has been earmarked for the soon-to-be-announced Consumer Energy Strategy, which volition assistance households financially alteration to cheaper and much businesslike vigor exertion specified arsenic star panels and batteries.

Smart telephone users – An other $21.4m has been allocated to physique a caller NSW Digital Identity and Wallet system, to let NSW residents to stock their ID and qualifications via their smartphones. $62.5m volition besides beryllium utilized to let an other 80 further licenses to beryllium added to the app, portion besides ensuring the information is protected.

Bus commuters – $91m successful backing has been allocated to overhaul NSW’s autobus network, including equipping vehicles with on-board screens and audio announcements, and caller exertion to amended show autobus services. Another $24.7m has been committed crossed 4 years to summation services, make caller routes and money Zero Emission Buses (ZEBs) successful Western Sydney. $23.8m volition besides beryllium spent connected a two-year ‘Medium Term Bus Plan to amended services implicit the adjacent 10 years successful readying services and addressing needs successful cardinal communities.

Commuters successful Parramatta – $2bn has been committed to statesman operation of the 2nd signifier of Parramatta Light Rail earlier the adjacent authorities predetermination successful March 2027. The 10km way volition diagnostic 14 stops betwixt Camellia to the Parramatta CBD, via Sydney Olympic Park, and nexus up with the Sydney Metro West, arsenic good arsenic Parramatta and Sydney Olympic Park bid stations.

Origin Energy – The cognition of Australia’s biggest coal-fired powerfulness presumption has been extended for 2 years to August 2027, aft fears its antecedently slated closure successful 2025 would hazard the state’s vigor reliability. Negotiations with Origin Energy person resulted successful a woody that NSW could underwrite the vigor giant’s losses to a maximum of $450m implicit 2 years. Conversely, NSW could summation up to $40m a year, if Origin profits from the continued cognition of Eraring, with the institution capable to opt successful to the statement earlier each fiscal year.

Essential workers – In a bid to code a deficiency of affordable inner-city lodging for indispensable works – specified arsenic paramedics, nurses, teachers, constabulary officers and occurrence fighters – the authorities has enactment speech $450m to physique much than 400 build-to-rent homes successful the adjacent 3 years. The homes volition beryllium built crossed 4 sites by nationalist developers Landcom.

While the locations person yet to beryllium determined, erstwhile built, they volition beryllium offered to indispensable workers astatine a discounted rate, astatine astir 20 per cent disconnected marketplace rate. $200.1m volition besides beryllium utilized to acquisition astir 120 homes successful determination areas, including motels and units, which volition beryllium utilized arsenic impermanent lodging for wellness workers moving to the bush. Lismore and Tweed Heads person been flagged arsenic immoderate of the archetypal country which could entree the housing.

Support for lodging approvals – New backing of $253.7m volition beryllium utilized to prosecute much planners and put successful exertion to velocity to assessing improvement applications to guarantee the authorities tin physique its planned 375,000 homes by 2029. The authorities has besides flagged a financing warrant aviator to enactment the operation manufacture physique homes amid challenging marketplace conditions including precocious labour and worldly costs. This could see acting arsenic a guarantor for immoderate improvement loans and pre-purchasing homes successful high-density builds.

Renters (sort of) – A full of $8.4m volition beryllium utilized to found the NSW Rental Taskforce, which promises to beryllium 1 of the biggest teams wrong NSW Fair Trading. The radical volition beryllium overseen by NSW Rental Commissioner Trina Jones, and staffed with investigators, inspectors and enactment teams to people existent property owners and owners leasing mediocre prime rentals, and breaching rental laws. However, nary other backing has been committed to enact Labor’s cardinal predetermination promises astir creating a portable bonds scheme, oregon argumentation to marque it easier for renters to ain pets.


The NSW fund bottommost line – Forward forecasts uncover the fund volition stay successful shortage implicit the adjacent 4 years, arsenic the authorities moves to repay debt. While the full shortage volition alteration from $9.6bn successful 2023-24, to $1.5bn successful 2027-28, Mr Mookhey has described this arsenic a fund of “must-haves,” and not “nice-to-haves”.

Women undergoing fertility treatments – Rebates for women seeking treatments specified arsenic IVF volition present beryllium means tested, and accessible lone for debased and mediate income households, with the authorities committing $52.2m this budget. While previously, the rebate wasn’t means-tested, it’s understood much women volition beryllium capable to entree the rebate nether the targeted measure, which includes $250 for pre-IVF fertility testing, and $2000 for eligible fertility treatments, similar IVF.

High-and-middle income earning households – Mr Mookhey was adamant the 2024 fund would not see wide handouts, oregon vouchers. Instead, rebates are slim, and means-tested.

Foreigners who ain homes – Fees placed connected overseas investors and planetary location buyers volition beryllium accrued from 2025. From January 1, the overseas purchaser work surcharge volition spell from 8 to 9 per cent, and the overseas proprietor onshore taxation surcharge volition besides summation by 1 per cent to 5 per cent.

Hospitality owners and vessel shops – The fund has flagged an summation successful yearly liquor licence fees, which person been successful spot since May 2024. The interest summation is forecast to adhd $25.5m successful the 5 years to 2027-28, and volition beryllium utilized to money policies astir enhancing NSW’s nighttime life.

Consultants – Following a NSW Auditor-General report, which recovered much than 10,000 advisor contracts were issued successful the past 5 years of the erstwhile government, Labor said they would but walk connected contractors by $35m a year.

People who ain vacation homes, concern properties – NSW has besides scrapped yearly indexation connected onshore taxation rates, alternatively freezing the tax-free threshold for onshore taxation astatine the 2024 level of $1.075m. The alteration is forecast to adhd astir $1.5bn to the state’s bottommost enactment implicit the adjacent 4 years, with the funds slated to spell towards gathering caller homes.

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